GTFS for Hyderabad Public Transport Systems

Hyderabad Open Transit Data


The movement for Open Transit Data has revolutionized the way information is collected and shared by the Transit Agencies across the world. Since the formation of the state of Telangana in 2014, its importance to the Urban Transportation Infrastructure has been immense. Year after year, Hyderabad has been rated the most popular destination in India with the best employment opportunities, tourism and daily commute for an average of 4 million people through public transport. There is a great need for providing transit information to the residents of Hyderabad to make their travel within Hyderabad more productive and intelligent. The Telangana Government's idea is to open up transit data from all the major public transport agencies like Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) and Multimodal Transport System (MMTS) to provide a platform for innovators, start-ups, researchers and citizens to access the information to create Web/Mobile Applications which can help the commuters travel in a more comfortable and intelligent way.

This exercise puts Hyderabad as the first and only city with all of its Transit Data to be opened to the public in the country.

An active partnership with World Resources Institute (WRI Ross Center) has enabled the Open Data Unit in making these datasets open in GTFS formats.


Why Open up the Transit Data?

  • Provides an opportunity to develop applications for various segments of people like differently abled, the elderly, students, employees, etc., according to their wants and requirements 
    • It is proved that in London[1], the local transport authority has saved billions of pounds by getting almost 400 applications around transport systems across the city
  • More transparency to the commuters
  • Using technology to change/update the schedules in a very easy way
  • Providing the most reliable information sourced from the respective agencies
  • Applications connecting all kinds of Transport Systems to seamless and optimized transport in the city

Utilizing the global standards for transit data has made it easier for the technology enthusiasts to develop solutions and emulate the same across the world for many scenarios through which the public will be benefitted enormously. Across the globe, transit information is being shared in the Open Domain by using Global Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) file formats developed by Google. 

This specification defines the following files along with their associated content:






One or more transit agencies that provide the data in this feed



Individual locations where vehicles pick up or drop off passengers



Transit routes. A route is a group of trips that are displayed to riders as a single service



Trips for each route. A trip is a sequence of two or more stops that occur at a specific time



Times that a vehicle arrives at and departs from individual stops for each trip


Conditionally required

Dates for service IDs using a weekly schedule. Specify when service starts and ends, as well as days of the week where service is available. This file is required unless all dates of service are defined in calendar_dates.txt


Conditionally required

Exceptions for the service IDs defined in the calendar.txt file. If calendar.txt is omitted, then calendar_dates.txt is required and must contain all dates of service



Rules for applying fare information for a transit organization's routes



Rules for drawing lines on a map to represent a transit organization's routes



Headway (time between trips) for routes with variable frequency of service



Rules for making connections at transfer points between routes



Additional information about the feed itself, including publisher, version and expiration information

Below are the major Public Transportation agencies in the city:

  1. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC)
  2. Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL)
  3. Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS)

Taking the spirit of the Open Data Policy of Telangana State, the three major Transit Agencies in the city of Hyderabad have agreed to open up their respective transit data.

Link for MMTS Dataset:

Link for HMRL Dataset:

HMRL's link will take the user to HMRL website where the user needs to submit their email ID to obtain the dataset. Collection of email ID is to engage more with the community.

Dataset for TSRTC will be launched very soon

Note: Datasets will be updated every quarter. Further details of the metadata will be available on the Dataset Page of HMRL/MMTS.

Image Source : GTFS

[1] Assessing the value of TfL’s open data and digital partnerships (